Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What do you mean I have to say something?

What if I had stage fright? Bet you wouldn’t be laughing then!

Actually you probably would, because if I did have such a condition I think I would end up rambling about nonsensical things. After awhile I would realize this, stand in embarrassment for a moment, then run off in tears and crack open a bottle of hooch.

So far that’s looking like a plausible outcome. I think there’s some Maker's Mark in the cupboard….

Wait, I had a point. One that made sense, I think?

Oh, yes! My point for making this here blog-doohicky. I have a couple actually. For instance, I like blogs. Blogs are fun. Momma always said life is like a bl--er, wait. Let’s try that again.

Let me try to show you a little bit of my thought process (which is rapid and eccentric so bear with me!).

I had two thoughts (at once, told you it was rapid).

1) I am a writer. I like to write. So hey, why not spew forth a bunch of words and put them out there for the world to see? Best case I get a few followers. Worst case I get ignored.

2) I’m trying to get published. Which is maddening and scary and a whole hell of a lot of work. And there are other writers out there going through the same thing.


A blog that combines my nutty thoughts with my labors as a struggling writer, hoping to get published!

So here we are! No harm, no foul, right? Unless you’re going to flame me. But please don’t, I am a sensitive sort (Pisces) and it will most definitely make me cry and send me running to the loving embrace of a bottle of hooch.

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