Monday, February 6, 2012

Not dead

Really, I'm not.

Nor was I abducted by aliens (although that would make an interesting story, I'm sure). Nor am I currently hiding underground from the Russian Mafia or the Yukuza.

I just suck.

I was in a funk, a big funk. A non-writing funk.... I am only slowly coming out of it now. And my soul was eaten by a video game. Sad, I know. But it really puts things into perspective when you play a video game (an RP by the name of Dragon Age: Origins) and realize that the characters and their stories and backgrounds are better written and more thought out than a lot of novels you've read.

Really, I love this game more than I can say. It's a sick, sick obsession.

But it was helpful for the funk... to be able to escape.

So yes. Not dead.

Just incredibly lazy and antisocial and uninspired and feeling totally meh.

I hope to get back on track now... write... submit... update... write... read... write. Did I mention write?

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