Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Long time no post

So I basically abandoned this thing because I hate all the changes in the blogger interface.... yes, I am petty. I never claimed to be otherwise. But I shall endeavor to suppress my qualms and post more.... because you all have been waiting for that, right? HA HA HA!!

In the meantime, let me use this post as way to pimp some things. Because I can! Yay!

First of all: Writer's Relief. It's a great blog with tons of helpful advice, you can also sign up with them to get help finding literary agents and publishers. Love this site.

The second thing is way less helpful, but just as cool!

That kids, is Paper Passion! That's right, a perfume that smells like freshly printed paper. I have a great need for this thing.

Alright..... so.... that's it for now. I will hopefully see you soon!

Peace out!

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