Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Would ya look at that

So yesterday I posted about an agent who had requested 50 pages and a full synopsis, and how I was hoping to hear back any day now.... well she emailed me this morning.

She declined to rep the book. Kind of bummed, but all in all it's okay... I will continue on!

Back to WritersNet, Publishes Marketplace, and Agent Query I go...... tra la la!


  1. Did you have to pay her to read your first 50?

    1. No, not at all. As an author you should never have to pay anything to an agent until the deal is signed and they take their 15/20%.

      I found her on one of the sites I listed, submitted a query letter, and she was interested enough to want to read 50 pages. If you have an agent telling you they need money to read pages, for proofing or editing costs, anything like that, they're not a legitimate agent.

      A great blog to follow is Writer Beware

      And a nice little article about it HERE