Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday, Wednesday... so good to me!

It's update Wednesday! YAY! Only problem is I have no update planned. Oops.

When I started this thing I had blog posts planned out and partially written, but I blew through those like a gambling addict blows through spare cash in Vegas. At least I have been doing some productive things instead of spending hours upgrading and redecorating my Sims' house (which I haven't done... why do you ask? Okay, maybe I have. But I have a problem, man! Don't judge me!), I did finish out the MS and I have submitted a few Queries (now excuse me while I go breathe heavily into a paper bag).

So, there's that.

Also there's been real life stuff... you know that pesky thing that interferes with the writing and the plotting and the playing of computer games. The thing that requires human interaction and stuff.

Yeah, that thing.

Even my secondary blog, Scottish Love, has been suffering. I'm a horrible, horrible blogger.

I resolve to have more interesting blog updates (hopefully news about those submissions). I also resolve to post pertinent things.

Oooh the pressure! Oooh the humanity!

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