Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What d’ya write?

I write… things…. stories. Yeah, stories.

My major project, the thing I am shopping now, is what I like to call “Book 1”-- the real title for now is A Highlander‘s Duty, but I prefer to call it Book 1--because there will be more, a series.

A series I like to call “The MacLeod Chronicles”. Sounds interesting, yeah?

Not really? Damn.

It’s a historical fiction that’s part romance, part adventure (with a dash of comedy, because really life is full of comedy if you look for it!) following clan MacLeod (gee, you don’t say?). Different people from different generations. It’s all good fun!

As for Book 1 you gots the MacLeods who’ve had this feud with the MacDonalds for a really long time. When this story starts, the Lairds of the clans say NO MORE! And what better way to end a bitter feud in 1680s Scotland? Why marriage, of course! (for the record my Query Letter looks nothing like this…. not sure if that’s good or bad?)

From the MacLeods three young men are chosen (yes, three, because I like characters--I’m all about character and dialogue because that’s what I like to read, and they say write what you know, right? Well, that’s what I know);

The Steadfast Champion of the Laird, who quietly agrees to do his Laird’s bidding.
The impetuous young swordsman for whom the wedding is a punishment.
And the Laird’s son, who is quite taken aback and not overly pleased with his father planning his future without his knowledge.

Upon arriving on MacDonald land to meet their lovely chosen brides, things quickly deviate from the plan.

For Mr. Champion he thinks his would-be bride is lovely, but he’s totally gaga over this serving maid he just met; who is beautiful and charming and--shite--not part of his plan!

For Mr. Swordsman, his wifey-pooh is just the most amazing thing he could ever image, unfortunately she’s utterly terrified of him and won’t let him touch her. Oops.

And for Mr. Future Laird, well, his fiancée (who is the daughter of the MacDonald’s chieftain) isn’t all that great; she’s kinda spoiled and self-centered, but man-oh-man Mr. Champion’s would-be bride is just the cat’s pajamas!

So there’s, like, a love… shape. It’s not a triangle; it’s more like a bunch of squiggly lines running to and from each other. Some are solid and some are dots. Okay, perhaps this analogy is crap.

Let’s try again.

There are problems. Lots and lots of problems. Because Mr. Champion will do his duty, and he will force Mr. Future Laird to do his duty, too. Because it‘s for the good of the clan! Orders are law! Even if it breaks your heart in the process. And, you know, there’s like a war (ooh action!) that disrupts things even further and a conniving clansman who wants to ruin things for his personal gain......

So that’s what I write. In a giant confusing nutshell that I’m sure makes you want to read it, like, RIGHT NOW! Because I am full of awesome and win with my flowing, in depth descriptions, and captivating way of holding your attention.


*quietly crawls back into hole with a giant chocolate bar*

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